legality of taking a VoIP telephone adapter to China

Anyone know how I can find out if its legal (according to the Chinese government) to take a VoIP telephone adapter to China to make and receive business phone calls? (It's a Centillion MTA. AT&T says there's no encryption)

Thanks, Chris

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Chris Sites
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I think I recall a few posts some time back on comp.dcom.telecom regarding the Chinese Government banning of voip services.


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"This item from Monday's Financial Times claims that China won't allow VoIP services to move forward in that country until 2008. Word of China's continued ban of IP-based voice services surfaced on the Chinese web site of Tom Online, which has a deal with Skype to roll out the new voice options in China. The Chinese government's reluctance to allow the launch of VoIP reportedly reflects the government's concern over what harm might befall government-owned voice service providers if they become subjected to cheaper, more efficient voice competition."

The "item" links here

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Henry Cabot Henhouse III


so it has NOTHING to do with their govt's inability to wire tap VoIP?!

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