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Dear Guenter,

Günter Vollmer wrote:

Hi, > > I have nearly none experience with vpn. > > I got a *.spd file and want to install a vpn connection under linux. I > installed vpnc, kvpnc and openVPN. I am able to read the configuration as > openVPN protocoll in kvpnc. >

Are you sure that the .spd file is intended to use with OpenVPN? I see the .spd extension in relation to SafeNet software, which is based on IPSec. OpenVPN is to my opinion really excellent VPN software, but incompatible with IPSec implementations, it should run in server mode on the other side too... If IPSec, you could try to configure racoon/setkey, which is far from easy. Better to consult the admin on the other end of the VPN first about the software which created your .spd file....

Kind Regards, H.Janssen Alkmaar NL

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IPSec may be right. I tried with openVPN and kvpnc was able to read the file so I thought this would be right.

I'm not shure if I want to try racoon/setkey if you say it is far from easy... :-(

But lots of thanks to you!!

bye Günter

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Günter Vollm

I remember I used software using .spd files myself for IPSec communication with a Netgear router. Worked fine but produced a bluescreen upon Windows shutdown.

As far I know, this is only available for Windows.

The SPD file includes e.g.: Description of the remote network Description of the client virtual ethernet interface Remote VPN server IP address Names of the algorithms for hashing and encrypting Preshared key Optional password

Packing all together in a .spd file, it is a kind of plug-and-play software: load the client, load the .spd file and connect to the VPN..

If you have all those date, you are in theory able to setup this in Linux with racoon/setkey. And in my case, it worked before but I'm locked out because the DSL-router, administrated by the provider, blocks the necessary ports.

Now I'm using OpenVPN, only one user-definable port required, works perfect, but this should run on the server too.....

Kind Regards,

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