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hey guys,

here is the issue we are having, and i'm not sure whether this is the right newsgroup.....so i am asking for help, or a direction to the correct one.

we are using two linksys vpn routers, and trying to establish a tunnel. on both ends we are receiving reports of status:connected, but are unable to share files or see each others computers on the network. also, we are able to ping each other's ip addresses, so we know a connection is really established. has anyone experienced this type of problem? is it a software issue? any help would be appreciated. thank you.


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Browsing across subnets can be complicated to get working. The quickest answer is that it doesn't work unless you have a Windows domain controller running the WINS service. Even then it's tricky. You should be able to directly connect to the services if you connect to the IP address directly or if you have DNS entries for your internal services you can connect via the computers DNS domain name.

I have found this webpage helpful for these topics:

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