Vista and SecureClient VPN DNS issues.

Hi guys,

I'm having fun with a vista laptop and configuring it to connection to our Checkpoint SecureCient VPN over dial-up.

The machine will connect to the VPN but it is using the ISP (dial-up connection) dns server rather than our internal servers as pushed out by the VPN client. When I run ipconfig /all I can see that the VPN connection has got the DNS servers configured, but when I run nslookup it is defaulting to the external DNS server.

Windows XP/2000 clients do not experience this problem, in fact they never have.

Is there any way that I can change the Vista Primary DNS server for all connections? Can this be automated by the SecureClient.. or am I simply missing a trick?

Thanks in advance....

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Maybe, you need to post to a NG at about Vista.

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