I cant get my VPN to work

ok so here is a brief outline of whats going on.

the company i work for has employees that go all around. well we have a VPN set up so that they can remote into the network here. from where ever. so its all good and dandy the remote in the connection works and they can recieve what appears to be their e-mail. HOWEVER, when ever trying to get to the network folders such as ('\\ \\"server"\\downloads) for example. it just freezes up and nothing happends. just says it cant find the network path.

my question is, is there any protocols or anything that might be causing this? why can i remote to VPN but not see anything on it?

any advice at this point would just be amazing. thank you

-Matt Rosenbaum Spacedev I.T.

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Can you ping that server name you are using in the UNC path you are attempting to access?

90% of the problems are at the name resolution level. If your client cannot find out what the IP address of that server is then it fails. When connecting to the VPN your client needs to get the internal DNS and WINS server addresses which will allow it to resolve the names into numbers.

You can type in ipconfig /all at a command line to view what your current DNS and WINS server settings are. Compare it to a client physically on the network. If there is no internal DNS or WINS server then set one up or you will need to create a static hosts file and distribute it to each client in order to resolve those names (ugly).

Having a good network consultant around will help. Sounds like this is more than a hobby network so you should have someone you can call to fix things like this.

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yes yes i know hahah. but for the time being there is no one to help with issues like this....

here is a more indepth discription of whats going on

okay, so to give you a little background on my situation. i have a DNS server set up and everything is working and there is a VPN set up so taht anyone on the outside is able to get in.( keep in mind this issue seems to only happen to labtops) how ever when you get into the VPN from an outside. you are stuck at just that. connected. you cant actually view the network.

as a weird side note, when i(network admin) logged in for the 1st time i was able to pull all of my e-mail but yet still unable to view the network....

so i thought maybe mapping the drive while i was directly connected to the network(w/out VPN to my network) and then having that drive mapped so when i VPN in it would just find it. but nooo that didnt work as well.....

iv been trouble shooting this thing for a day now. and dont understand why it can see my network but it would let me see it....

as another weird side note. this issue is pretty much sparatic... sometimes users on the outside can get in, sometimes they cant. and when it dosent work sometimes it will just start working like a day later...

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There are so many diffrent types of VPN withthere own problems. Which one is your Dialup VPN SSl VPN WEB based VPN

According to your problem it seems dial-up vpn..

1st. When you connect to your VPN then you need to check the dynamic IPs you receive from VPN server. If they are correct and properly advertised in your private network then you should not be having this issue. 2nd. You can check the DNS issue. 3rd. Does your VPN will send some local policy or security restrictions on machines who are connetcing remotely. E.g. global/ local user policy. Keep an eye on this one
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