Pix 506e VPN passthorugh

Hi there,

We are having some strange problems reaching a remote network on our WAN with a Pix 506e box.

Our Dutch office has a 506e box that has a branch office tunnel through to the UK for their e-mail and other systems. The UK VPN is a Nortel Contivity 1600 and is the central point of connection for our European WAN. The connection between the Dutch router and the UK office is fine. We have in the configuration for both VPNS a remote accessible network of 10.1.00 which is the Subnet of our US office. The UK has a branch tunnel with the US and we are used as passthough for Europe to get through to the US for some systems. The only site we are having a problem with at the minute is the Dutch one where the US cannot connect into the Dutch systems unless some in the Dutch office initiates a ping to the US. Any of the other European offices can connect through to the Dutch office through the UK VPN so we know that traffic is being routed correctly from the UK.

Anyone any ideas?

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