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Christopher, do you expect VoIP to work like WiFi? Are you familiar with QoS issues? It sounds to me like you and a lot of others may be leaping in without looking. - RM

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Are there WiFi ATA adapters out there?

We have an entirely WiFi office - no wired Ethernet. Would like to hookup our desktop analog telephones to a VoIP service provider.

Our other alternative would be to use a USB ATA with the laptop providing the WiFi connectivity but this needs driver support on the laptop. Any ATA product recommendations in this area?

Thanks. I made this post before but did not see it in the newsgroup. My apologies if you had responded before.


Christopher Flores

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Christopher Flores

I did reply to your post on 6th January: "Don't think there are any, but you can get wifi VoIP phones like Zyxel

2000W, Sipura (and Cisco -very expensive). You can take them with you and use anywhere you can connect via wifi."

To RM: My VoIP works just fine over wifi, but that's in domestic situation. There are wifi routers with QoS, like Draytek Vigor 2600G or 2600VG, which are presumably designed to deal with an office VoIP scenario.

Regards, Martin

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what is the "QoS" and which is the difference for the voip use of a Netgear DG834G and this new Draytek router? with this router can I have a better quality of voip?


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It stands for 'Quality of Service', but means that VoIP traffic gets preference over data.

It should prevent the gaps in sound while you downloading data.

The 2600G has been on the market just over a year, the 2500V (one VoIP port) and 2600GV (with two VoIP ports) are fairly new. Draytek's are designed for office use, have all the facilities, very robust, but also more expensive.

BTW I had bad experience with Netgear kit and their non existent support, won't touch them with a barge pole. Regards, Martin

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A Sipura SPA-2000 plus a Linksys WRT54G(S) comes close. Sure, there are some extra wires but it works.

I used some nodes like that for a simple experiment.

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