voip possible with a 640K DSL ?

Why not test it with a friend? My cable connection just tested at 641K, it works fine. I have friends who use softphones at dialup speed. at least you will know what is "possible".

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for you is possible to use a Voip softphone with a

640Kbps DSL connection but with a low pint and fast modality?

Which is for you the minimum required as DSL connection and which is the bandwith taken if we speak to the phone together (the caller and the called) ?

thank you for the support

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Depending on compression used, it is possible to have an (arguably) decent quality call utilizing only 8Kbit/sec, so you should do just fine with your DSL provided by you do not download Win XP SP2 at the same time. Thanks, Microsoft for a 75MByte patch!

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Also, what is the upstream speed?

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Hank Karl

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