Looks like we will be moving our company soon and growing a lot so I have a need for a new system. We currently have an old key (Meridian) system and a Call Pilot. I anticipate we will have some remote offices around the country and we make heavy use of phones. I would like something that will work well in this scenario and not take rocket scientist to manage. Adds, removes, moves, should be easy. We have a robust network with all Cisco switches, etc. So any ideas?


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Have you checked out the Pbx Comparison at Pbxinfo.com?

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Good Luck.

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Its a Norstar. Old as dirt.

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well meridian can be upgraded to voip pbx , and have ip phones and trunks all over the place , plus you can have small sites with srg.

what is your system ?

11c ? or it is Norstar ? some times they call the norstar family part of the meridian family, the callpilot is good , you can keep it. it is the best in the market. regards


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Nikos Koulioumbis

Cisco is rumored to have a Linux based Call Server in the works. Not sure, but it makes sense to have that option for sale.

The IP-and-DM-in-one-box Nortel Meridian runs VxWorks. Probably Virus free until Microsoft buys rights to all GNU software ever written

If you do this search, one of the results will have an article on the OS for Telecom systems

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The author has a lot of VoIP and IPT articles, many derived from the unexpected experiences of early adopters - and many predicting the types of troubles that may be common moving forward.

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Correct. This is to address sales lost to customer concerns about putting their phone system on a virus and hacker-plagued operating system and then needing twice monthly OS patches. Unfortunately if you've noticed the past few months of CERTS you see that Linux is in the crosshairs of the evildoers now. Looks like everything running on the Intel/AMD platform is fair game.

The Mitel 3300 also runs vxWorks and has a couple nifty gateways that support both Norstar as well as Meridian legacy TDM sets. Interesting that tech certification on the 3300 requires that you have your CCNA else take a little booger of a pretest.

Interesting article. Thanks for the link.

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Mitel Lurker

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