New Automatic switching device jpoins VOIP and PSTN (plain ole telco line) inot your favorite telco gear


Now you can join your low cost VOIP port and your local pstn port into a single port, automatically! The combine-a-line device combine two telephone port and auto routes them to your favorite single line Telco gear. Some use it too make single line phone operate on two phone lines, other join voip and pstn.

In all cases, no power supply is needed so your desktop clutter is reduced!, all port are surge protected to prevent damage to all of your equipment. No programming, and installation is easy.

Buy direct from manufacturer/master distributor at

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Hurry these move fast!


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Marc H.Popek
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They are moving so fast and perform well .. One of the larger re-sellers has pointed out a feature that I had not mentioned before:

"As the CLT unit is self powered from the Phone line, there is no path for hum and noise to be picked up from the use of wall mounted transformers and plug in the wall powered units"

This is true .... CLT provides the quietest switch in the industry and a real-world solution for convienently joining your voip and POTS service into a single point...the CLT...surge protected to protect your equipment and easy to use

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