How to reset SPA2000 without a phone

Seems like my SPA2000 has locked up. It boots and signales me every some seconds: With net connected, I see _ _ _ __ __ _ _ _ (Morse code "SMS" ;-) Without net connected, I see 3 blinks __ _ _

It does not answer on ping and it does not make dialtone. I cannot reset using voice menu like this: "You can reset your SPA to factory default values by going to the voice menu (****) and press

73738#" When I type ****, I does not get voice prompt.

There seems not to be any power on the phone, as I cannot hear any click when I do onhook -offhook.

So is it possible to (factory-) reset some other way than using the phone?

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Christen Fihl
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I found this link:

formatting link
has seen this SMS message (some call it SOS) on the status lamp. I am not alone.

I have now written to Sipura, as I cannot locate this repaire tool on there web.

12 minutes late I got a link from Sipura, and the SPA2000 is up and running. Nice support by Sipura

Very nice tool this internet ;-)

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