Comcast (seattle area) and port blocking

Is comcast now blocking all ports for incoming traffic?

I used to be able to use the work around listed below (changing the webserver IP address) to get access to my personal web server


1) using WinXP Pro SP1 w/ IIS (WinXP firewall disabled) 2) changed the IIS port to 9002 3) stopped the IIS service, restarted the service 4) set the Netgear CG814M router to forward traffic for my WAN IP on port 9002 to my LAN IP address.

Seems this is still working for some people listed here?

Any idea what I'm missing... This used to work for me.

Thanks, Roger

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roger beniot
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Just as a follow-up... I can go to the following site:

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and it correctly identifies my WAN IP address, plus when I enter the port that I opened up on my router it indicates the port is open.

So now I'm assuming that my router is actually not routing the request for my WAN IP out... But that doesn't seem correct because I can actually ping the WAN IP from my the LAN side of the router.


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roger beniot

They used to block all incoming traffic here in Sacramento except for ports 21 and 80, but now they allow incoming traffic on any port. My firewall logs are showing connect on attempts on numerous ports. Why I am being probed so much by Comcat cable modems in Colorado? I have been getting a lot of probles from Comcast addresses in Colorado, especially on ports 6346 to 6349. Since I dont use Gnutella, why am I getting probed on those ports? My firewall has been blocking a lot of connect attempts on those ports from Comcast adderesses in Colorado?

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