Detection of fax machine.

I have a digium Wildcard TE410P with Asterisk, and I want to write a Linux program using C, so that the TE410P can detect whether the number I am calling to is a fax machine or not. If a human being picks up, the program will auto-redirect the call to the user, otherwise it will hang up.

Anyone has any idea on how to do that? And how can I detect if a call is picked up by a fax machine or not?

Anyone have any idea on how to do that? And how can I detect the one pickup my call is a fax machine or not?

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Hi My * detects incoming and diverts the call and i think it will do the same outgoing i know it it did when I had fax detect set to incoming and outgoing. what you want is the reverse! So you set the fax detect exten to be an hangup, othe wise teh call will carry on ! I assume you have fax detect working ?


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Given that batch dialing numbers is illegal in many cases, why exactly do you want to do this?

If you don't know whether a fax is on the other end or not, you are likley batch dialing or "wardialing" blocks of numbers.

Which means you likely work for telemarketing scum.

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T. Sean Weintz

T. Sean Weintz wrote: [...]

Of course you are wrong. He's likely implementing an alerting system to prevent flood, heartquake and tornado damages. The fact that someone else is using such system to promote penis enlargement is not up to him. :)


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