Cheap t37 fax machine (Fax over IP)

Hi, I'm looking for a cheap t.37 fax machine. I don't care if it has a regular phone port at all. In this case, I want to have a fax that looks and feels like a regular fax, but uses the internet. So a user would put in a phone number and click send.

I know there are machines for > $1500 that do this (and they are mid-high throughput machines which also offer regular faxing, t.38, etc). We do far less faxing.

While I am happy _personally_ to use more complicated means, I want to dump the older fax machine in the office entirely and the only way to do that is to replace it with something that works identically. I know that in the background the fax machine will scan the fax, convert it to a TIFF, attach it to an email, and forward it to a fax gateway which will fax it to the final destination.

Really the only advantage to this is the removal of a phone line. I'm only considering this as we need to get a new low-end fax machine anyway and this would seem to be a more elegant solution. I realise other advantages might be faxing straight to client email addresses, and storing email-style copies of all faxes sent.

What are the least expensive t.37 fax machines? anyone know?

Thanks, Greg ps. I'm coming to the conclusion that maybe i should look at a cheap t38 machine for FoIP? T.37 seems more elegant but less popular.

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Greg Alexander
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The cheapest way is probably to throw Hylafax on an old PC on your network somewhere, and have your phone system send all the calls from the fax machine to that.


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Miguel Cruz

What, actually have my fax machine dial the old PC, transmit the fax, then have the PC forward it to an email-fax gateway, which converts it to a regular fax and sends? Well... I guess it probably is inexpensive, a little cumbersome though!

I really can't understand why no-one has taken a very simple fax (with a couple of megs memory), removed the phone port, removed the printer, and added an ethernet port.

I think my only option is to get staff using email-to-fax, and then add scan-to-email. Greg ps. Machines I found include: Okifax 5680 - A$1600 Panasonic dx800 US$875 Muratec F-320

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