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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Nina is a known person. Apparently, it

> has been resolved thus far this way: if Fred goes into Sweden, he will > be arrested as a public nuisance or a 'hate monger'. Being a public > nuisance or a hate monger is not an extraditable offense as of yet. PAT]


OK, I'm not getting through here, so I'll be more explicit. Nobody is going to extradite anyone just for being a jerk; that's not the way to go here.

I suggest the King of Sweden ask the Swedish government to complain to the Department of State of The United States about these fax messages. Where royalty is concerned, there is still a different set of rules, and the State Department is the best place to ask for help: noblesse oblige.


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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: No, you got through okay; if Fred goes to Sweden where they can deal with him they will; until then, they have tried diplomacy; it has failed, even with a different set of rules. Now, I do not know if they have tried the _State Department_ or not; they have tried most others en-route, from the lowliest government on that side to the lowliest government on this side through higher-up governments on both sides. Fred made it plain in a fax response to them: when they passed the law 'forbidding Bible teaching' he quit caring either way. And the 'higher up governments' here in the USA seem to feel its a 'free speech' issue rather than a 'nuisance' issue. Maybe the readers on the net who comprise our 'high court' will feel differently when they counsel Fred. PAT]
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