Confused someone please explain this to me----

With my wireless connection when I hold mouse pointer over 'connection'
in system tray it says 54mbps.
Results of speedtest on a site:
Download 4716kbps
Upload 1167kbps
Is 4716kbps same as 4.716mbps?
Is this mega or milli bytes?
Someone tell me if I am correct in my conversion; also what actually
does it mean when you hold pointer over icon in system tray and it says
54mbps(is that million??)
Thank you.
Sorry for my ignorance.
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Essentially yes.
mega as in 1,000,000 or 1,048,576 (depending on how the software is written). milli would be 1/1000. bits, not bytes.
That's megabits as in millions of bits per second, the maximum speed of 802.11g Wi-Fi. Your actual speed may vary.
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John Navas
4716kbps is the same as 4.71Mbps - typically a big "M" means Mega and a little "m" means milli. You're wondering why you're not getting 54Mbps on your speed test? You're limited by your ISP connection. Your LAN is faster than your internet connection. That's the norm.
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mad NAT'er
this is the speed of the wireless connection to your router
this is the actual speed of data xfer, much lower than your wireless speed because you don't own a 54Mb/s broadband connection (I assume) and anyway very few sites could upload at that speed.
lower-case m is milli, you want a capital M for mega.
its merely illiterate - it hsould be 54Mbps Mark McIntyre
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Mark McIntyre
8 Mbps (megabits per second) = 1 MB/sec (megabytes per second).
So 54Mbps = 6.75MB/sec. Actual throughput on WiFi-g (I believe) is half, so at best, you'll get 3-3.5MB/sec transfer speeds.
Depending on the siting of your clients and router, interference will reduce this rate, as will encryption.
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Just signed up for wireless (the only provider in town) and doing some research on what to expect. I was told that
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OK, let's try this again
Just signed up for wireless (the only provider in town) and doing some research on what to expect. I was told by the provider that I could expect downloads of 64KB and connect at 512Kbps. This looks much MUCH slower than the numbers I'm seeing here and certainly doesn't look "high speed" altho it's a lot faster than my current dialup connection of 44Kbps and 4.8KB. Am I reading/calculating this right? If so I sure don't seem to be getting much for $600 startup fee and $49 a month :o Monica
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Is this your only internet option, I see the cox part in your email address, you can't get a cable modem?
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Yes it is and no I can't.
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