Mac iBook and Bluetooth Cordless Headphones?

Is it possible to listen to the audio output from a Bluetooth-equipped Mac using a Bluetooth cordless headphone?

[iBook G4 with a D-Link Bluetooth adapter in one of the USB ports, listening to audio streamed from the XM Satellite Radio site with Netscape 7 working together with (I think) Windows MultiMedia.]

Will this interfere with simultaneous use of Apple-brand Bluetooth cordless keyboard and mouse?

What System Prefs and other setting will I have to fiddle with to get this to work?

Is there an audio or Bluetooth group that would be a better place to ask about this?

[I'm frankly intimidated, or impressed, by all the technologies that will have to work together to make this work: Bluetooth, USB, Netscape, Windows MultiMedia, and Mac audio output -- not to mention Airport, Ethernet, a Cayman router, and a DSL link to get from the Mac to the Internet -- so I'm asking for a little reassurance before I start on this.]
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