ip over bluetooth??

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I've been pottering a bit to see if I can get any sort of ip connectivity over bluetooth.

I've got two machines - a 64-bit m/c set up as a bluetooth NAP (and I see a pan1 network device), plus a 32-bit client. Both are running mint maya. The NAP has ip address (wherever that's come from!!), NAP settings says dnsmasq, PAN support is NetworkManager, and DUN support (which I don't think is relevant) is also NetworkManager.

I can get sound sent across by selecting 'A2DP sink' when connecting (I see the 'grant authorization'; popup, and syslog entries appear). However, telling the client to connect to 'network access point' ends up with 'device added successfully, but failed to connect' - I get the pairing popup stuff on the NAP, but that's as far as it goes.

And there I'm stuck - I don't know if I've missed something, or might there be a problem with decidedly cheap bluetooth dongles(*) and ip networking? Any advice please on how best to proceed?


(*) They are /very/ cheap, btw - £1 each. I'm looking to get some very cheap short-range networking between several machines.

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