video conference with dfl-700

I need some help with this, I am trying to set up a video conference betwen our reaserch manager and the office when she is abroad. there is already a vpn connection availible, A dlink DFL-700 firewal with a ds-601 client, we have webcams and audio, all software we tried work fine inside the lan, but over the vpn connection ,no.

anyone got anymore tips? or do someone else have the same problem? i have tried msn messenger, netmeeting, Sagaxis dvc, powerplay.

I would be happy for all the help i Can get /Mattias

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MattiasJ schrieb:

Hi Mattias,

do you have a NAT scenario due to your firewall? (NAT means different IP addresses in the networks?


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Yes i do, but does that matter over vpn? i can ping the computers no


Most of the programs can connect to eachother, but the visual and

audio bit has problems.

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found microsoft portrait and it works great. have not tried multiple

connections. but for now it works.

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