Video conference at a meeting

We have a requirement to video a meeting at a hotel and broadcast into another room. The requirements are:

o Conference table with about 12 people around it o Two cameras looking at these people from about 8' away (one camera on looking at one side, other camera at the other side) o Pickup normal level speaking at the table o No lag between video and audio (suggests it must be mixed before transmitted) o Wireless transmission to the other room preferable as can't guarantee cable can be run between

I thought about a wireless webcam with audio. We've got a Linksys to try it out and video side is fine but I'm having trouble with the audio. When we use an omindirectional boundary microphone connected to the camera via a 6m

6.5mm lead, the level is way too low and there is a lot of background noise. I guess we need some form of application.

But if there an "off the shelf" system to do this, that would be ideal.

Thanks, Rob.

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Rob Nicholson
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