Wireless headset for my land line telephone

Does anyone know of any? I can't seem to find anything on the internet that plugs into to a regular telephone, only things for bluetooth, internet, etc.

Basically, I'm just looking for a product that would pretty much be similar to using a normal telephone, except the difference would be that I can talk on a wireless headset instead of actually picking up the phone.

Thank you. Brad

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Bradley Burton
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My boss uses something remarkably similar to this exact item every day and swears by it.

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Paul Timmins

A lot of cordless phones have a little jack in the handset for a headset, same jack as is found on most mobile phones. You'll probably find that although a cordless phone and a generic headset aren't as spiffy as a cordless headset, it's a lot cheaper and works about as well.

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John L

Plus with a cordless phone, you can...well, use it like a normal phone to dial calls.

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Plantronics makes a nice one that will do what you need. Head over to their site at plantronics.com and search for CS55H (Home Edition). Their URLs are pretty ugly and long so I can't post it here but you should be able to use site search to find it. Not cheap tho. Would lighten you up about $200

Best Regards, Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD

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