Calling the USA while traveling in Europe Query ?

I'm new to internet telephone service.

I'm going to be travelling in Europe this summer and need to be able to talk periodically to people in the US. I will have my portable computer with a wireless card. Can I load Skype softward on my computer and then use Skype from an internet connection in the hotel?

What better ways might you suggest for inexpensive voice communication back to the US from Europe?

While I'm at it, I gather that I will need some kind of headset/micro- phone in order to use Skype. I'm considering the Logitech 350; any opinions on this or a better solution?

Many thanks,

Don Doyle

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: This is sort of a toss up for me, trying to suggest _which_ service is best. Personally, I would go with Vonage which is essentially the same except instead of a headset/microphone (attached to the computer) you use a TA (telephone adapter box) attached to the incoming broadband port (which you would have to use for your laptop computer anyway) and a telephone (any phone will do) which plugs into the TA box.) You get the TA box free when you sign up with Vonage (or several other companies) and phones usually are a lot less expensive than a good microphone. PAT]
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