Who owns this 800 number

How do I find the carrier who last provided service on a certain toll free number in US?

If the number is dormant, how can I claim it for use by my company?

All replies appreciated

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Try Ameritech's (now SBC's) RespOrg number @ 1-800-337-4194. The RespOrg is the "Responsible Organization" ie. carrier for a toll-free number. The number should give you the name and a trouble-reporting number for the carrier; once you have the name of the carrier, you should be able to google it for contact details.

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Nathan Strom

I do find it funny that SBC's RespOrg ID system can't seem to identify the RespOrg for itself. :) If you enter the same number for identificication (800-337-4194), you get "The RespOrg name cannot be found." It does however, give you a RespOrg code ("AWLD1") and the correct trouble reporting number (which is of course, for SBC).

I tried another, unrelated SBC-managed toll free number and met with the same results.

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Isaiah Beard

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