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I have a bunch of "CallScan" (now QPC) wallboards which were previously used with VU-ACD software (Nortel platform).

They are 26x2 LED, and display "CallScan 7415 V1 ID:25 Multi Line Wallboard V1.2" when powered. They appear to just local-echo back the output sent to the RS-232/485 ports.

Would anyone happen to know a protocol specification for these so that I can write output to them?

Does anyone know what these were before they were rebadged by CallScan ?



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John Allan
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HI: I have a terminal programming running on a PC on the wallboard port of a Star Talk Flash. Hyperterminal setup: 1200, 8n1. XON Hope that helps!


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Possibly manufactured by Ferrograpgh or Dacon

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Hi John,

Wondering if you had any luck find the protocal specification/s for communicating with wallboards?? I have recently acquired a couple of different wall boards, and i am seeking the same type of information for either the QMaster, CallSca or Navigator protocols to talk to a LUA MM 23213, Advatel TCD226R or a Symon MM232.

Any help appreciated...

Regards Neil

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