a question on EIGRP protocol


does this protocol support classless routing like RIP does?


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Yes EIGRP supports classless routing along with OSPF, ISIS and RIPv2.

Essential to supporting classless routing is that the subnet mask be carried in routing update messages.

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actually somewhat better - in RIP even in v2 'network' command still uses classfull notation, which results in enabling updates on all interfaces that fall into major Class A, B or C network, while with EIGRP you can specify wildcard bits to limit routing updates only to those interfaces that really need it. While there is workaround for RIP with distribute-list and/or RADIUS 'Framed-Routing' attribute, it's still a bit clumsy. EIGRP is more clean, but unfortunately not widely supported beyond Cisco (not a problem if you just run only Cisco equipment, but there are many organizations/companies who don't).

Kind regards, iLya

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Charlie Root

Thanks for the replies.

That's the answer I wanted to hear :)

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