Ethernet interface question Cisco 1841


Want to replace/simplify the network setup we have in our WAN today.

We have 10 branchoffices who are bridged by our isp in our WAN on 512kb links, up to our HQ on a 1mbit wanlink. From HQ, they and the residents at the HQ-office connect to the internet through a 2mbit link.

## Branchoffices ## Each branchoffice consists of 5-20 hosts, with this ip-setup: gw: sub: host: gw: sub: host: etc..

The branchoffice-gw's are Cisco 1603 routers, with 1 eth-interface: They are set up with eg:

interface Ethernet0 ip address secondary ip address

with the route: ip route

Each host within the 10.10.x.x net is setup with static IP's ## Branchoffices ##

## HQ ## HQ consists of about 100 hosts, with this ip-setup gw: sub: host: ( is FW out to internet)

The hosts on HQ recieve 192.168.1.x IP from DHCP or are configured statically.

The HQ-to-branchoffice-gw is a Cisco 2610, with 1 eth-interface: (the dialer interface, for old branchoffices, is no longer in use)

This is setup with:

interface Ethernet0/0 ip address

with the routes: ip route ip route ip route ip route etc... ## HQ ##

Since our ISP bridges our WAN-links, we could just use DHCP and have a net for all offices. But we want to keep the 10.10.x.x / setup.

The setup we are wondering will work is the following: With only 1 Cisco 1841 with 2 fastethernet interfaces setup at HQ like this:

interface FastEthernet0/0 ip address

interface FastEthernet 0/1 ip address ip address etc..

Will this work? What other configuration/setup will have to be done, for fasteth0/1 to be able to communicate over fasteth 0/0?

Regards, Lei

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