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Hi Everyone...
Long ago, I aquired about 6 phones and a KSU from a friend's office.
Each of the telephones have "TIE Communications" on the back of them,
but 2 of them also have "Pac Tel" on the front. All of the phones look
pretty similar. As far as the KSU, I have the feeling that it is the
wrong one. It says AT&T on the back, and it has ports on the front for
the incoming lines, 2 standard phones, and 6 extentions. When I plug
any of the phones into one of the jacks for the 6 extentions, I get
this clicking noise coming from the receiver (or the built-in speaker).
None of the bottons light up or work. If I plug a standard phone into
the first standard jack, and connect the KSU to my phone line, I can
get a normal dialtone from which I can dial directly out.
My problem lies with trying to figure out why the phones do now work
with this KSU (because they are from the same office). I also can not
seem to identify the model of the KSU. I have looked up pictures of the
AT&T Merlin, Partner, and Spirit series, and none look the same. There
is no other information besides the logo on the back of the KSU.
Any ideas or information that anyone has would be greatly appreciated.
I have been trying to figure this out for years, and just can't seem to
do it. Thanks in advanco for the help!
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Guessing that the TIE phones are Delphi/Meritor family of the 60030/80 etc family. The cabinet it plugged into was blue and it maxed out a 6x16.
My other guess is a Partner. Not many other systems accepted single line sets.
Try a picture in alt.binaries
Carl Navarro
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Carl Navarro
That "first standard jack" that works for a standard phone may be an "AUX" jack, like on a Spirit KSU (gives you dial tone and line status for an answering machine or modem on the 1st line)
If it is indeed a Partner control unit and you plugged in a TIE 612 phone (or its equiveliant), you have just fried the station port
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Touch Tone Tommy
I know for sure that it is not a Partner control unit. The only jack I have pluged the TIE phones into are the "Station Ports" (#1-6). I've done a bit more research, but I still can't seem to find out what it is. Also, Carl, I haven't been able to locate alt.binaries to post that picture. Is it called something else?
Thank you both for the help!
Touch T> That "first standard jack" that works for a standard phone may be an
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Sounds like a TIE modkey 616 system. Blue Rectangular KSU about 10" x 14' with sqaure expansion areas on either side.
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Hi Steve...
I was thinking that the phones would work on the blue Tie 616 KSU, but I still can't figure out what the KSU I have is. It is beige in color, and has a black cover on the front with holes in it for access to the ports. On the back it says "AT&T." Carl mentioned posting a picture to alt.binaries, but I can't seem to find that newsgroup.
Thanks for the help!
Giganews wrote:
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Nope, but I see you're using Google and it probably doesn't have full access to alt binaries. Try Teranews, or e-mail the file to me and I'll post it for you.
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Carl Navarro
Hi Carl...
I just remembered thhat I forgot to post ssome other information about the phones with my original post. I tried one of them (the one with the display) in the TIE blue KSU (a neighbor has one installe in his home). It didn't work. I don't think the phones are broken, but they something might have happened when I put them into the AT&T KSU (even though it still makes that clicking sound). The paper on the bottom of that particular phone says: Type: CX DISP TEL (SS5) D86063. The standard phones (which look very similar, but don't have the display), say on the bottom: Ultracom CX/SPU KEYSET TEL. Do you know if these will work with the blue KSU?
Thanks for all of the help. If anyone else has any ideas, I am very open to them.
Carl Navarro wrote:
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Yes, no. Did you expect it to?
In however many days of this thread, you could have gone to Google and searched for tie 86063. In less than 5 minutes I found this wonderful Tie reference
formatting link
I almost fogot about the Onyx, DS01, and TCX family, along with the Portrait and Delphi/Meritor/Businesscom analog keys.
I'm not exactly sure what you're trying to do, use old equipment or get an inexpensive phone system, but I'd be willing to ship you every blue cabinet and phone I have for $150 plus freight. This would fill about 3 boxes and be at least 20 phones and at least 3 cabinets (I have 4 612 and 3 616 plastic cabinets).
It ought to give you an idea of what they're worth to me :-)
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Carl Navarro
You should be able to post to alt.binaries.schematics.electronic or ABSE for short.
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