DSC Communique KSU system for sale CHEAP!

I am a dentist in Utah. I bought an office where they left a DSC KSU with five Communique telephones for me. When I came in to the new office, I already had my phone system that my staff like, so I decided to sell the other stuff on a forum or eBay for whatever I was offered rather than just give the parts to my phone guy for nothing. My telephone installer who I could have given the stuff to said that the KSU and phones are in perfect condition and would cost about $2000 if I bought them new. The KSU was patched into the office alarm system, but my telephone installer kept the DSC alarm parts--this system is totally compatable with DSC alarm components. All parts are only 5 years old. The KSU has two battery backups, the power supply, and I have a couple of users manuals. Like I said, I didn't want to just throw away good items that can be recycled by another office or home user, so I will take the best offer that I get before November 1st, and then I'll send all of it to whoever makes the best offer. I figure it will cost about $40 to ship the stuff anywhere in the continental US. (It is kind of heavy, and I need to pack it with a lot of padding) I am going to list it on eBay today (OCT.15th), so either email me for the link, or search for DSC+Communique+Phones on eBay to find my listing. I won't have any reserve, and there probably wont be tons of offers, but I figure if I get $50 plus the shipping, then I'll at least be able to take my wife out to dinner! It really is the best deal ever if you are a telephone installer. You can get a very lightly used, nearly new 2 (up to 8 possible) line KSU phone system for probably very little. (I don't expect that the bidding will go nuts on such a specialized item) Anbyway, please look it up on eBay later today and bid if you could use this stuff. Thanks! Craig

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