Short haul modems

Does anyone make short haul modems with DB connections in and out?

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Explain what you mean by "in and out"

Do you mean a DB style connector on the audio pair(s) along with another for the data circuits? Or do you mean one common connector w/both data and line connections inside the same connector?

Honestly I've never heard of either, but I'd wager that a Mitel Dataset-1 and Dataset-2 could be easily field modified to get everything into the DB25 connector.

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I've got an Express Messenger that is too far away from the PMS server. I was hoping for a quick fix. Telebyte makes some with DB9 on one end and RJ-11 /wire connections on the other. I was looking for some with DB9 or DB25 both in/out. A dataset would be the answer if you could set the Exp Msngr up that way but you have to use the serial port on the front of the card.

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Are you asking for a pair of s-h modems connected by a 4-wire circuit of some length; or a modem "eliminator" to connect two RS232 interfaces directly together with one "box"??

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The exchange for this was pretty sad. Round up the usual suspects (ie Patton, Western Telematic, Rad). But why not go to Mitel and order the 1008 or whatever box?

Anyway, 2 minutes on Google brought this:

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Carl Navarro

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