Routers for dummies

Is there a *GOOD* website that explains router setup. I have minimal experience with one in my home. And now that the telecom stuff is getting more and more intertwined with networking I'm running into unified messaging situations and the like that I'm having trouble getting to work, even in small office environments


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Depends on the router. Try going to the manufatcures web page. Another excellent source to learn about networking is the Cisco documentation page.

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This link is the older doc page that Cisco had. Use the link under the Networking Information To read up on the networking technologies. If you are more technically inclined, you can go to citeseer and do searches there for routing, switching, addressing and get all kinds of technical papers.
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Most home application type routers are plug and play, and really are not that difficult to hook up to a cable or DSL modem. Even the wirless routers from Linksys are easy. Heck Cisco even made the wirless bridges just about plug and play.

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