Good Networking Website recommendations?

Looking for hardware reviews of networking stuff and setup ideas. I have a Vista and XP desktop that I want to connect together and maybe add some wireless outdoor security camera. Had XP networked with cat5e and 3 computers and a router which was easy. Now down to a new Vista and an XP and am having difficulty due to Linksys router being incompat with xp. Thanks Greyhound

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Toss the CAT3 cable. It barely works at 10Mbit/sec.

There are no "compatibility" issues between routers and operating systems. If you want help with this, you'll need to disclose the Linksys model number and the exact nature of your "compatibility" problem.

Hardware review sites:

Wireless FAQ:

Networking HowTo:

See Articles and Tutorials.

Network cameras:

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Jeff Liebermann

Thanks for replying Jeff It's Linksysy Cable/router BEFSR41 ver. 3 which is not Vista capable and the cable was Cat 5. Also just found out today it will be changing to 3 XP tabletops and 1 Vista tabletop. The compatibility issue existed when connecting (Vista Comp) from the DSL Modem to the DSL router it would not work but hooking directly did. Same setup going to an XP computer worked fine. Also tried different but identical BEFSR41 ver. 3's. Now want to scrap it all/revamp and go wireless to add wireless security camera and maybe increase usefulness. Thanks Greyhound Tampa, FL

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"Grey-hound" hath wroth:

Baloney. There's no such thing as Vista "capeable" unless:

  1. You're thinking of the installation software that comes with the BEFSR41 which nobody uses anyway. Just point your browser to:

and configure it manually.

  1. Vista changes the way DHCP works, which may be a problem for some routers. See:

  1. Vista DHCP also likes to forget the gateway IP when coming out of standy mode:

Tabletop? You have one of these?

I'm jealous.

Fine. You have problem #2 as itemized above. Easily fixed.

I'm a big fan of IP camera servers, where you plug 1-4 cameras into a box that acts as a stand along video server. No computah required, low power, easy deployment, etc. If you want wireless, just add a "wireless ethernet client bridge" to the ethernet port.

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Jeff Liebermann

Huh? Routers can't be incompatible with anything, they're dumb network devices.

Whats the symptom of this incompatibility?

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Mark McIntyre

Sorry meant desktop.

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