Lots of background hiss with Merlin 410

I have an old Merlin 410 PBX in my house, acquired dumpster diving when a local volunteer Fire Department upgraded their PBX. It is on a UPS, has the music on hold feature, with 3 incoming lines from my telco. Since summer, after some thunderstorms, I've noticed significant white noise in the background on all extensions. No noise if I use the same outside lines without the PBX. Is there a specific area / module of this PBX that is known to fry during thunder storms ?

Thanks Steve N2UBP

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Steven Stone
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How about intercom calls?

Check the lightning protectors on your incoming lines. Sounds like one of them did its job.

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I used to service those units (as best as I could) and it would be cheaper to dump it. You could try replacing the small line transformers on the front board and if that doesn't do it then the problem is in the middle component board -> and all is lost then....

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Etop Udoh

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