How to find out line's associated phone number

I remember years ago being able to dial N11 and being able to hear a recording announcing the phone number associated with the line I was trouble-shooting. A friend of mine has a bunch of circuits coming into his restaurant and I want to know if there is a sequence I can dial to find out this information if Cavalier Telephone is the vendor in question? Obviously I know there are other ways to do this (calling and seeing what pops up on my cell's display) but I'm more curious than anything else.

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Syd Barrett
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I think thats known as an automatic number announcement circuit

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Rod Dorman

You didn't say where you were dialing from. Since the machine that does the identification could probably be wired to most any number an individual TelCo wanted to wire it to you could do a lot of guessing.

Here in Verizon territory (formerly part of GTE of the Northwest) I can dial

999 to learn the ten digit number of the line I'm using. Just a few blocks away, In Qwest territory (formerly part of Pacific Northwest Bell) dialing that number results in being sent to an intercept recording.

So the number can be real variable - good luck finding it!

That's why I'd use your cell phone's display as you described.

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Al Gillis

I use MCI's Customer Service number 1-800-444-3333.


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