Yet ANOTHER at&t/MI-Bell 1AESS to "Bite-the-Dust" [telecom]

A notice dated today (Friday 16-April-2010) on the at&t-ILEC webpage for technical/network/etc disclosures,

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scroll down to the Midwest (Ameritech) States section (IL/IN/MI/OH/WI)

"ATT20100416L.1 AT&T Midwest is announcing that it will be making changes necessary to collapse the existing Alcatel/Lucent 1AESS switch (BRHMMIMNCG0) located in the Birmingham Central Office, Birmingham, MI, into the co-located Siemens EWSD switch (BRHMMIMNDS0). NPA-NXXs 248-258, 248-433, 248-540,

248-642, 248-644, 248-645, 248-646, 248-647, 248-901 and 248-988 will be moved from the BRHMMIMNCG0 1AESS to the BRHMMIMNDS0 EWSD."

A doc file of 'ATT20100416L.1" which has a few additional details can be downloaded from:

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The WECO/Lucent/Alcatel 1AESS to be discontinued, BRHMMIMNCG0, has SS7-Point-Code 250-050-068.

The existing (co-located) Nokia/Stromberg/Siemens EWSD, BRHMMIMNDS0, which is to take-over the 248-NXX codes, loops, customers, etc. from the retiring co-located 1AESS, has SS7-Point-Code 250-050-096. The legacy/ default (OCN:9323 at&t/SBC/Ameritech/Michigan-Bell) 248-NXX codes already associated with BRHMMIMNDS0 Birmingham MI "Main" Stromberg-EWSD are:

Birmingham MI ratecenter: 248-203,593,594,723 Royal Oak MI ratecenter: 248-549,554

The 248 NPA split from 810 in 1996. The 810 NPA split from the original 313 in 1993.

Does anyone know if the (originally 313-64x, presently) 248-64x c.o.code range presently on the 1AESS (-MNCG0) had an old DIal EXchange NAme? maybe MIchigan, MIdway, MIlton, MIssion, MItchell, NIagara, or some other 'MI', or 'NI', or maybe 'OG', 'OH' (OHio?) ???

The existing co-located EWSD currently has 248-593 and 594, serving the Birmingham MI ratecenter. I don't know how far back these codes exist, but the old 313-593,594 codes (prior to any subsequent NPA splits) were (and are) associated with the Detroit MI "Zone-6" ratecenter,

313-593 with at&t/SBC/Ameritech/Michigan-Bell's DRBRMIFBDS0 313-594 with at&t/SBC/Ameritech/Michigan-Bell's DRBRMIFBDS1 both Nortel-DMS-100, both co-located in the "Fairborn" building (note the 'FB' in the CLLI code 7th/8th characters for the building).

The exact date of the migration of the Birmingham "Main" 1AESS over to the already existing/co-located EWSD is not indicated, only that it will take effect by the end of 2010. When I find out exact dates, I'll post something further.

So far, there are to be FOUR existing 1As in Michigan Bell territory to be replaced with digitals, either complete replacement with new digital switches, or migration to existing co-located digital switches. This leaves the following 1As still to remain in Michigan -- and also I'm including the two remaining 1As in the Chicago IL area (Illinois Bell) since this is all "Ameritech". However, there could still be further announcements of replacement of these 1As before the end of 2010!

PNTCMIWSCG0 Pontiac MI "West"

248-681,682,683,706.738 LNNGMISOCG0 Lansing MI "South" 517-272,393,394,882,887

GDRPMIBL770 Grand Rapids MI "BEll" (the co-located GDRPMIBLDS1 Nortel-DMS-100 has some 616-23x codes, which were known as 'BEll-x' in the 2L-5N days)






With the exception of "Grand Rapids: 'BEll'". the other three Ameritech

1AESS offices remaining do NOT seem to have any existing co-located Bell "digital" 5ESS, DMS, EWSD, DCO, etc. switches in their buildings.

at&t/BellSouth (Southern Bell, South Central Bell) and at&t/Southwestern Bell both have numerous 1AESS offices (together at least 40 total) remaining. Southwestern Bell's are mostly in the St.Louis MO metro area, as well as scattered about Texas. BellSouth's are MOSTLY all over Florida and Georgia (Southern Bell), but for South Central Bell: one in Nashville TN, four in the Birmingham _ALABAMA_ metro area, two in Shreveport LA, and the two primary Bell c.o.switches here in Lafayette LA.

Birmingham MICHIGAN has some interesting history... In November 1953, two years after Englewood/Teaneck NJ, Birmingham MI became the SECOND location to have (limited) customer-originated Direct Distance Dialing. They had customer-originated dial access to the dozen or so metro areas scattered about the US that Englewood/Teaneck NJ already had, as well as some additional locations -- Washington DC (202), Baltimore MD (301), and New Haven CT (203), the latter in CT being a SxS city, while Washington DC Metro and Baltimore MD were Panel/#1XB and probably now some #5XB. Apparently both Washington DC and Baltimore MD had completed their conversions from 2L-4N to 2L-5N by late 1953, since CUSTOMERS in Birmingham MI were now able to place dial calls to these locations. Washington DC did their conversions in several staged phases, while Baltimore MD did their conversion in a single city-wide cutover. I assume that Englewood/Teaneck NJ now had originating customer-DDD access to these three locations as well by late 1953. I do _NOT_ know if San Francisco/westbay/north-of-Golden-Gate CA was still uniquely indicated with 318 (while Oakland and eastbay CA was separately indicated by 415), or if the entire San Francisco/Oakland CA Bay Area was together referenced with 415 "only", by late 1953. Birmingham MI is a suburb of the Detroit MI metro area, and would have already been part of a "7D" (straight 2L-5N) metro message-unit or short-haul toll dialing area, so the use of 313+ before the 2L-5N numbers would NOT have been dialed back then for any customer-dial calls to Detroit MI and other suburbs, from Birmingham MI back then.

Mark J. Cuccia markjcuccia at yahoo dot com Lafayette LA, formerly of New Orleans LA pre-Katrina

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