Who is 888-695-9405, and Why do They Keep Calling Me?

For most of a week now, I've been getting hang-up calls on my cell
phone, showing a caller ID of 888-695-9405. If I call that number
back, I get a recording thanking me for calling the DNC Hotline, and
asking me to leave my number after the beep. I was reluctant at
first, but after enough of these calls I did try leaving my number,
but the calls keep coming.
I've tried all the reverse lookup sites I could think of, none show
that number. A Google search only turns up me asking, over in
misc.consumers, if anyone knew who that number belonged to.
After asking in misc.consumers, though, I have received email from
other people who have received the same nuisance calls from the same
* How do I find out who that number belongs to?
How do I know that's really the number calling me?
* How, other than logging all these calls at
formatting link
do I
get the calls to stop?
Unfortunately, the cell phone they're calling is with Cingular, so
customer service isn't the greatest.
snipped-for-privacy@phred.org is Joshua Putnam
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Joshua Putnam
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