Re: Who is 888-695-9405, and Why do They Keep Calling Me?


> DNC is, presumably, the Democratic National Committee. Did you ever > donate money to the DNC or one of its daughter PACs?

No, but even if I had, I certainly wouldn't have given them my cell phone number as a contact.

Even if you don't have a "business relationship" with them, it is > not clear to me whether the "do not call" requirement of the > Telephone Consumer Privacy Act (TCPA) would apply to a PAC. It > would not surprise me that the US Congress, when it wrote the TCPA, > would carve out some exemption for PACs.

I suppose it could really be the Democratic National Committee, if they're trying to annoy people into voting Republican. But it seems like such a shady operation (endless hang-up calls, calling cell phone numbers, hard-to-identify voice mail, etc.) that I find it hard to believe it's really that DNC. They aren't *that* clueless, are they? is Joshua Putnam

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