Re: Vonage Trying to Reuse My SC Number

A few minutes ago, I got a call (on my SC line) from someone asking to

> speak to Nancy. She confirmed that she had dialed my number. I told > her that there has never been a Nancy here. > A few minutes later, I got a call from someone named Nancy who said > that she had just gotten Vonage service and Vonage had assigned her > this number. > Since I originally had that number from Vonage, I explained to her > that I had ported the number from Vonage to Carolina Net quite some > time ago. She said she'd have to call Vonage and request a new > number. > I called Vonage and spoke to Tina. After I explained that that number > was no longer available for Vonage to re-assign, she called the > appropriate people. They are going to assign Nancy a new telephone > number. > Tina opened a ticket for me on this. I told Tina to make sure they > didn 't do anything to cause my SC number any problems. She said they > wouldn't interfere with my number. > I called Carolina Net to let them know what is happening. I got music > on hold for a good little bit before they came on the line. > I called Carolina Net and informed them of this phenomenon. Caroline > (Carolina Net) said that she is opening a ticket on this and will > inform the porting department to make sure that I don't lose my > number. > Can anything else this simple to handle go wrong?

Vonage doesn't officially support porting numbers out. It's against the AUP too, actually.

However, they can't really stop you either. Their system simply cancels your service but someone has to go through to make sure they don't reassign it.

Watch carefully over the next couple weeks, your number might magically get ported back to Vonage as a result of this.

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