Vonage Problem

Vonage has been of no help with this issue.

I have not enabled 'call forwarding' in many months.

My broadband was down during a storm last week, and I was therefore unable to use my Vonage phone.

When I came back on line, I received a call from a friend who told me that during the outage, instead of going to voicemail, my calls had been forwarded to another number, and the other party was getting pretty upset about getting all my calls.

I went to the Vonage website, and saw that in the 'Activity' portion of my account, 7 calls had been forwarded to this other number. I recognized that number as a cell phone number I no longer have.

When I signed up with Vonage, I included that number as an alternate. But now, of course, I don't have that number. Regardless, none of my calls should have been forwarded, as the forwarding option was disabled.

The 'call forwarding' page confirmed that the 'call forwarding' option was disabled, and yet I still had calls forwarded to a number that I did not authorize.

I was able to delete the old number in my 'profile', BUT it remained (and remains) in the 'call forwarding page, as the number to forward to. I tried to delete it and enter another forwarding number to, but still the 'old number' reappears when the page is reloaded.

I called Vonage and was advised that 'call forwarding' was disabled on my account and not to worry. I told them I knew that it was disabled, because I never enabled it, and why were my calls being forwarded just because my network was down? I then told Vonage I was unable to delete that number from the 'call forwarding' screen. The tech was surprised he could not delete it either, and after holding for 10 minutes, I was advised that the number could not be deleted, and my call forwarding option was permanently disabled.

Unsatisfied, I sent an email explaining all this and why am I paying for services I am not receiving, should I ever need them? I got a canned reply and am looking for other means of resolution. Any suggestions?


[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: There is the 'call forwarding' option as you know, but there is also an option (I think it is called) 'Network Forwarding' and the explanation given for this is "what should we do with your calls when the network is down?" and where 'call forwarding' is the routine thing, 'network forwarding' is intended for when Vonage _is unable to see you_ for whatever reason. If Vonage is unable to complete the call on its own network to you (to ultimatly get forwarded on, etc) then what do you want them to do? Look for an option entitled 'network forwarding' and although I do not think it allows itself to be completely erased, it does allow editing which is probably what you would want to do anyway. See if that makes a difference. PAT]
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