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SYMPA -- Systeme de Multi-Postage Automatique (Automatic Mailing System)

User's Guide

SYMPA is an electronic mailing-list manager that automates list management functions such as subscriptions, moderation, and archive management.

All commands must be sent to the electronic address

You can put multiple commands in a message. These commands must appear in the message body and each line must contain only one command.

Available commands are:

HELp * This help file INFO <list> * Information about a list LISts * Directory of lists managed on this node REView <list> * Displays the subscribers to <list>

WHICH * Displays which lists you are subscribed to SUBscribe <list> <name> * To subscribe or to confirm a subscription to <list>.

UNSubscribe <list> <EMAIL> * To quit <list>. <EMAIL> is an optional email address, useful if different from your "From:" address. UNSubscribe * <EMAIL> * To quit all lists.

SET <list>|* NOMAIL * To suspend the message reception for <list>

SET <list>|* DIGEST * Message reception in compilation mode SET <list>|* DIGESTPLAIN * Message reception in compilation mode, sent as a plain text email with all attachments SET <list>|* SUMMARY * Receiving the message index only SET <list>|* NOTICE * Receiving message subject only SET <list>|* MAIL * <list> reception in normal mode SET <list>|* CONCEAL * To become unlisted (hidden subscriber address) SET <list>|* NOCONCEAL * Subscriber address visible via REView

INDex <list> * <list> archive file list GET <list> <file> * To get <file> of <list> archive LAST <list> * Used to received the last message from <list>

INVITE <list> <email> * Invite <email> for subscription in <list>

CONFIRM <key> * Confirmation for sending a message (depending on the list configuration) QUIT * Indicates the end of the commands (to ignore a signature)

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