Thousands of Verizon customers are battling data over-limit fees [telecom]

By Teresa Dixon Murray, The Plain Dealer
A week ago, I wrote about a sudden surge, in my family's cell phone
data through Verizon. In my unscientific survey that lasted one week
in late August, every friend and acquaintance I asked said they were
having the same problem: Their monthly data use had been soaring in
recent months for no apparent reason. For some people, using more data
meant hefty over-limit fees, often amounting to $50 or $100 or $200
extra a month.
In the past week, I've heard from thousands of people, mostly Verizon
customers, but quite a few AT&T customers too. People from all over
the nation. Most have iPhones. Some have Androids. All have seen their
data use jump significantly -- doubling or tripling since the spring
in many cases, even though their cell phone habits haven't
changed. Data costs money. As if Verizon, the nation's largest
wireless carrier, doesn't make enough money, it posted a profit of $18
billion -- billion with a B -- last year. That's up from $2 billion
five years ago.
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