[Telecom] Vonage VOIP box - other uses?

[We have a] Little (4 in x 6 in?) black box with one RJ45 and two RJ11 connectors. Large one labeled "network"(?) and the others "phone1" and "phone2".

How is this programmed for use with Vonage service? Can it be used for, say, Skype paid service? Or other service?

Or is this strictly proprietary and cannot used for other services?


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We'll need more detail: how about the model number and manufacturer? Are you sure it was used for Vonage?

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This sounds like the old Cisco ATA 186 they used to use. Here's a page with a picture of it:

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The Cisco box is a general purpose SIP to phone adapter, but the ones that Vonage shipped are permanently locked to Vonage service. If you know someone else who wants to set up with Vonage, they might be able to use it, otherwise it's just a paperweight.

Skype isn't SIP, it won't work even with an unlocked box.

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