Vonage VOIP box - other uses?

Little (4 in x 6 in?) black box with one RJ45 and two RJ11 connectors. Large one labeled "network"(?) and the others "phone1" and "phone2".

How is this programmed for use with Vonage service? Can it be used for, say, Skype paid service? Or other service?

Or is this strictly proprietary and cannot used for other services?


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Esther & Fester Bestertester
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Vonage boxes are all locked to Vonage service. I gather it is just barely possible to activate an old box on a new account, so you might see if you have any friends or acquaintances that want to set up a Vonage account.

Even if you could unlock the box, you could only use it with other SIP networks, not Skype.

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John L

Vonage uses SIP for it's connections. I believe Skype is H.323. But from what I know about the Linksys RT31P2 that I have is that you could potentially re-flash it and set it up to talk with a Skype server.

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