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In April my wife and I are spending a night at a great B&B in an isolated small Arizona town called AJO.

I've been there twice before, but never checked out the local LEC. It is Tabletop Telephone Company. They serve four other small, isolated Arizona towns.

Ajo is in NPA 520, the other four are in NPA 928:

Seligman and Sanders on Interstate 40

Bagdad, an isolated copper mining town well west of Prescott

Aguila, a wide spot on a two-line highway well west of Wickenburg.

The drive to cover these five wire centers is gigantic. The towns must very in size from 300 to 900 people. Ajo might top 1,000...barely.

The amazing fact is each town has a 5ESS switch. I didn't think the economy of scale would make a 5ESS viable for such small towns.

Interesting, too, is that the Calling Guide doesn't list the tandem for any of these switches.

Ajo 520-387

Seligman 928-422

Bagdad 928-633

Aguila 928-685

Sanders 928-688

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Sam Spade
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My guess it they go either to Qwest or AT&T, Verizons switches out there went to AT&T rather then to Palm Springs then to Onterio

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Welcome to the magic of the Universal Service Fund, where the more you spend, the more you make. I hope there is one ESS with four remotes, but I wouldn't count on it.

R's, John

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John Levine

I don't believe such at all. What I suspect is that each of those towns has a remote of some kind off of a distant 5ESS.

I vaguely recall an ORM {Optically-coupled Remote Module} can be hosted by a 5E within 150 miles. I suspect what's in each town is something similar.

Someone with a LERG could tell us specifics.

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David Lesher

Not Possible. The towns are too far apart.

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Sam Spade

I gave the NPA and office code of each locationin my first message. The local calling guide returns 4 5Es as hosts. I plan to stop on Monday April 12 and ask since the corporate offices are a few blocks from my B&B.

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Sam Spade

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