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Dear Sir,

I came across an entry dated 10-09-2008 wherein you were discussing the availability of newly made magneto telephones.

I appreciate your broad area of interest in the telecom field, covering even magneto telephones.

My company has made and supplied over 50,000 magneto telephones to various critical areas, especially railway locations.

For many years we have been envisaging that the production rate, though moderate, may soon have to be tapered off. But the requirement is still quite steady.

Our present production model is the M-12. A pdf of the same is attached for your information.

With best regards,

Prabhudev Prakash

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Prabhudev Prakash's email is such a refreshing change from the usual glut of "stealth" ads that I'm going to break a rule and put it out. Of course, there are special circumstances:

  1. The market for magneto telephones is obviously small.
  2. There is ample competition in the market, especially from surplus military "field" telephones. I've moved the sales leaflet to -

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Bill Horne Moderator

P.S. I'm not involved, I get no money from this, etc. Caveat emptor and all that.

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Prabhudev Prakash
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Yay! Don't yank the crank!

Wonder how to get 3 units and what cost?


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Their address is in the pdf file. Am I missing something?


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Carl Navarro

There was no price information, nor any US domestic contact point or distributor. (I wonder if Greybar sells them?)

I like that they run on regular flashlight batteries instead of the hard to find No. 6 dry cells which were once used for such service. (Do they even still make No. 6 dry cells?) I wouldn't mind getting a pair of units for the fun of it if they weren't expensive. There are used units out there.

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Ebay and other sites regularly offer surplus military field phones such as the TA-43/PT and TA-312/PT, for prices as low as $35, and they run on regular "D" cells too. These are interoperable with the magneto phones shown in the sales brochure that I posted. Of course, parts and repairs are harder to find, but for casual use the surplus units are more than adequate. I've put them into various Boy Scout camps over the years with no problems: they're made for hard service, and if they can stand up to the Boy Scouts, they'll last forever.

Old WW-II vintage sets such as the EE-8 are also available, although they may have seen longer and harder service. I think it's best to stick with the newer models, but YMMV: long story short, if you need a new unit with a warranty, parts, and repairs available, I'd check out the PDF file.

While No. 6 dry cells aren't made anymore AFAIK, you can buy replacement kits from a number of sources, which will put two "D" cells in a look-alike case. There's a company called "Ken's Clock Clinic" which sells a replacement unit for batteries which were used in self-winding clocks offered by Western Union: the unit includes a circuit which causes the clock it's in to "synchronize" every hour, as if Western Union were still sending it a time signal.

The URL is

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Bill Horne Moderator

P.S. As before: I'm not involved, I get no money from any of the companies I've mentioned, and Caveat Emptor. So there.

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