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A cell phone still sounds like a bad sideband

> transmission.

That has not been my expeerience in recent years. Voice quality (AT&T, previously Cingular) is aurally indistinguishable from a landline phone, both for me and for incoming calls from other AT&T cell phones. Nor can I detect a differnce on incoming calls from other parties which I believe to be non-AT&T customers. Wes Leatherock

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I second Wes' comments. Starting with Cellular One (which became or was absorbed by Cingular then by AT&T) voice quality has been exemplary since 1992 with the three cell phones I've had and used since then: Motorola Micro T*A*C Lite, Nokia 6162i, and now a Motorola RAZR.

Friends who had dual-mode (analog and digital) phones always forced their phones into analog mode because the early didital quality was poor.

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Thad Floryan

I'll third it. I've been with all four nationwide carriers and AT&T has, by far, the best voice quality. When I mention it people are surprised I'm on a cell phone.


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