[telecom] finally... a standardized phone charger...

This has been one of the Big Uglies in portable equipment, and while the move to "micro USB" ports has helped, there's still _lots_ of slippage. (That's _you_, Apple, we're talking about)


Mobile phone makers will have to provide a standard battery charger that can fit any device, including smart phones, under a provisional deal on a new EU law reached on Thursday.

Provided the outline agreement gets endorsement from the European Parliament and EU member states, it would be implemented in around 2017, EU officials said. ... ... will have two years to transpose the regulation into their national law and manufacturers - including Apple Inc and Samsung - will be given an additional year to comply. ======= rest:

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This was one of the multitude of reasons I chose an Android device as opposed to an Apple IOS device. The benefits of doings so included the standard charging connector, the capaility to expand battery capacity, memory capacity via micro-SD, etc.

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That's nice, but they are trying to elevate trivia to the level of debate. If the EU wanted to help consumers, it could mandate unlocking and prohibit the sale of metadata.

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