[telecom] Should I be suspicious?

The phone rang a while ago, and a female voice said you have a message from [mumble] at 479-599-9999. And then a different voice said press 1 to hear the message.

I have the plainest of POTS, no call waiting, no voice mail, no caller ID, nothing extra.

I hung up the phone without pressing 1, as I was suspicious and anyway I was just leaving the house.

Should I be suspicious, or is this a known OK service?

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This was almost certainly a phoney marketing call. 479-599-xxxx is a cellular exchange in Siloam Springs AR.

This can be any of a number of kinds of scams. It could tack charges on your phone bill -- claiming that the 'press 1' authorized them to do so -- just to name one possibility.

It _is_ remotely possible that this is a 'keep trying to deliver the message' from a phone company -- a service offered to customers of the 'offering' phone company when one of their subscribers calls a 'busy' number. I've run into such services once or twice. They identified up front _who_ the phone company was; and there was none of theis 'press`' nonsense, There was the ID, then the message played, with an 'after the fact' option for a repeat play.

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