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Double killer caught using mobile phones in Loddon Prison in central Victoria

A DOUBLE killer with a history of jail escapes and his murderer mate have been caught using mobile telephones in an alarming jail security breach.

Loddon Prison in central Victoria has been nicknamed Crazy John's after the three mobiles and other accessories were found by jail authorities.

Double killer John Wallace Lindrea, fellow murderer Francis John McCullagh and four other prisoners were linked to the phones.

There was particular concern about Lindrea having access to a phone, given his violent criminal history and record of escapes.

He is regarded as one of the state's most devious prison escapees and troublemakers.

It is believed the mobiles were smuggled in cans of baked beans, which had been opened then soldered shut. .........

To explain one thing, "Crazy John's" is a major mobile phone retailer here in Australia.

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