anti-robocall technology encouraged by FTC [telecom]

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported on new technologies that may stem the onslaught of robocalls. The FTC is encouraging such developments. Software that can filter calls through a combination of "whitelists," "blacklists," and "graylists" featured prominently in the results of the Federal Trade Commission's Robocall Challenge, a $50,000 contest whose winners were announced today.

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Per HAncock4:

Danis' does not seem to fully address the problem. The user's phone still rings and the user still has to divert their attention away from the task at hand.

Nomordobo seems the most promising - but it's probably going to involve a monthly fee - and I don't see the diff between it's audio CAPTCHA and a user-controlled challenge/response (something like "Press 1 for Sue, press 2 for Dave, press 9 to connect" Where the "real" digit is buried at the end of the prompt.... and there's a user-maintained white list so frequent callers just ring through with no challenge.

Realistically, I'd expect us to be using whatever Google comes up with...

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Pete Cresswell

Google is in the advertising business. I wouldn't expect them to invest in anti-advertising technology.

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