Still no Verizon FiOS for Boston [telecom]

Verizon tests ultra-fast Internet in Framingham, still no FiOS for Boston

It's a speed junkie's dream: a 10-gigabit-per-second Internet connection.

With a firehose of data like that, you could stream content to a 4K television. You could download 100 books in two seconds. If you're a business, you could get an edge over the competition by moving data faster. And some lucky duck in Framingham got to experience it.

Verizon said Tuesday that it has developed a fiber Internet connection that moves about 30 times as much data as the average Boston Internet connection. A Verizon store and an employee in the Framingham area were linked up to test it, the company said.

Eventually - "as the marketplace demands such services and as the technology matures," in the wording of Verizon's press release

- the company could increase fiber speeds to 40 or even 80 gigabits per second.

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Bill Horne
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Given that any download rate is limited by the slowest link in the overall connection chain, has anyone in the "Real World" actually achieved these speeds from remote servers that may not even be on links that fast as well as serving thousands of other users on the same link?

I'd like to see what the experience of people who have these mega-fast links is otherwise these numbers really don't mean a lot.

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David Clayton

On Sat, 15 Aug 2015 12:35:34 -0500, Doug McIntyre wrote: .........

Yep, I cancelled my DSL service recently because at busy times the back-end infrastructure so was overloaded by streaming that I was lucky to get 2Mbps and my ISP could not give me a timeline as to when there was going to be an upgrade to fix this known issue.

Earlier this year in Australia numerous local streaming services were launched and a lot are associated with particular Internet providers so it seems that bandwidth has been reserved for these customers so they get a "good experience" and the rest of us have to live with the leftovers.

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